by The Friends

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Some pretty cool tunes for free. Check it out, download, spread the word!!


released October 21, 2012

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kurt Roy at HeartGold Studios
EP cover art by Steven Smith
Cover banner by Vera Viehweber

Raj Chhaya- Lead Vocals
Jack Takesian- Lead Guitar, Uke
Jordan Blanchard- Rhythm Guitar, Sax
Harrison Halley- Keys, Backup Vocals
Sevag Nadjarian- Drums
David Harding- Bass



all rights reserved


The Friends Novi, Michigan

Just some pals from Novi, MI making some songs for the soul. Let's be friends!

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Track Name: Blindsight
Roll around all set and sound
Catch the dust and make it rust
Start the spark but let it lark
Catch the wood under the hood

Normally you’re melancholy
Unusually they think rationally
Sometimes I try to lie
But seriously he has a decree

Whether you like it not
Creativity is falling apart

Over and over it all seems dandy
But life’s not always like Randy the Bandy

It’s all on blindsight
Tonight’s the night
To fight with all our might

Look into a past with no glass
Decaying from the wind so swaying
Free the rage and open the cage
Start with reality and out of fantasy

Take a hit and have a lift
Have some wine while you dine
It’s all a trick when it pricks
So wake up and lift off

Take a chance
Track Name: River Meets The Sun
You’ve got the answer
I know you do
Cause every time you catch my eye
You’re thinking, I know it’s true

You’ve got it locked up
So let it out
Cause if you don’t, I’m left outside
And there is no doubt

Reach out and grab on
Don’t let go of my hand
Don’t leave anything undone
Cause you’ll crawl in the sand

This is the place we met
You’re always the one
Cause this is a crazy place
Where the river meets the sun

Just tell me your plan, please let me know
How could you leave with hate?
How could you go?

Why don’t you pick up all your things?
And place in the corner with your diamond rings
Track Name: Notice Me
Yeah you and me
Were meant to be
Living so very happily
What went wrong?
Its been to long and girl
I can't keep this strong

So girl
Just want you to notice
Me for who I am

Please understandthat im your man
You've got that smile
Girl please stay awhile
I'd catch you when u fall
Together we'd have it all
Please stay and you'll make my day

So girl
Just want you to notice
Me for who I am

I love u so
More than u know
It's hard for you to see a guy like me
You're the very best
A cut above the rest
And im what you need
So i beg and plead

So girl
Just want you to notice
Me for who I am

No money and no cars
No fancy guitars just our love,
Like a shooting star
You're my only way
No matter what they say
Our love wont ever decay

Yeah girl
Just want you to notice
Me for who I am

Just want you to notice
Me for who I am
Yeah, notice me